Welcome to Rudd Executive Search, LLC

Rudd Executive Search, LLC., an executive search firm that specializes in finding facility management, corporate and commercial real estate professionals that are ideal for your company and the specific position available.

Because Selecting an Executive Search Firm for Your Next Hire is Critical

When it comes to hiring an executive search firm, not all firms are created equal. There are a few key factors you should consider if you want to attract the best talent.

Get to the Right Candidate with Pinpoint Accuracy:

Specialization allows us to really know facility management and real estate. We understand the job requirements, we know where to find potential candidates and we know how to recruit them. Many of the positions we fill requirement very specific skills. We have found Facility Managers with experience in commissioning BSL3 laboratories. A recent client requested a facility engineer with a BSEE degree and electrical design experience. Or maybe, you need someone to help your growing company set up a real estate department to help you expand from a handful of stores to hundreds. We can find that person.

Top tier talent doesn't answer ads:

No matter how bad the economy, the best talent is almost always working and not looking for their next job. They are busy being productive for their current employers. They don't answer ads. They are not active on social networking sites. They don’t post their resumes on job boards.

These “passive” candidates make up 80-90% of the workforce. They have to be found. Then, they have to be made recruited. You need a headhunter to find you these passive candidates and you need one that specializes. We hunt down those elusive “passive” candidates concentrating on the local area to save you the expense and disruption of relocating someone.

Being able to speak the language of corporate real estate, we can quickly gain credibility with candidates to get them to consider a new opportunity or to make a quality referral. Again, because of my industry experience, once the candidates are found, we understand the job that needs to be done and we can screen out the qualified from the unqualified and present you with only the best

Large Search Firm or Small Boutique Firm:

Rudd Executive Search, LLC is a small boutique search firm. We don't overpromise, we only accept a limited number of searches at one time. You will have one primary contact who keep you informed, understands your needs and won't send you unqualified candidates. Large search firms have the advantage of a large database and often, being able to throw out a few resumes quickly. Often, these firms work on speed and volume and if the search doesn’t immediately surface some candidates, then there are onto the next search. Many do not do any real headhunting; they rely on job boards, social networking and a database. Rudd Executive Search, LLC accepts both retained and contingency assignments depending on the level of difficulty and level of position. Local, regional and national search capabilities.