For Employers

Why use Rudd Executive Search, LLC on your next search?

Rudd Executive Search, LLC specializes in facilities management and corporate real estate. Dianna Rudd, owner/principal, has both experience in commercial real estate and executive search.

By specializing, the pool of candidates is expanded by several methods:

  • Extensive database of candidate that we use for sourcing and for referrals
  • Multifaceted approach for sourcing candidates
  • Direct recruiting to identify passive candidates (aka headhunting)
  • Belong to several trade associations to stay current on the industry and network

Even beyond our specialized pool of candidates, we employ a unique search process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. This process revolves around the following goals:
  • Find top tier talent that fits your company and criteria
    We spend time with you to understand your hiring needs, learn about your company and its products and develop a profile of the ideal candidate for you. Then, we actively go out and recruit candidates for your specific position.

  • Save you time talking only to qualified candidates
    It is our job to weed through the pool of candidates and find a few that are qualified and could make a positive contribution to your company. You will be able to spend your time interviewing just a few good candidates.

  • Fill the position quickly
    Typically, we are able to present qualified candidates within an agreed upon timetable. It is then necessary that you clear your calendar to interview these candidates quickly and pass them through your hiring cycle as quickly as possible. Candidates can become frustrated with a slow process that is interpreted as a lack of interest or respect.

  • Try to find local candidates to minimize expense and disruption due to relocation
    By expanding the pool of candidates with active recruiting of “passive” candidates, we are often able to find local candidates who do not need to be relocated.

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