Why would a candidate work with a Recruiter?


Specialists in Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate.

Work with someone who understands what you do and your value.

Unique Opportunities. Many of the positions we fill are never advertised and we are the exclusive agent of the employer. It may be a confidential search, or it may be that we are targeting a specific group of people. If you are not in our database or known to us in some other way, you may never have the opportunity to raise your hand.

Your career matters. At Rudd Executive Search, we respect that your career is important to you.  When you share information with us, it is treated as highly confidential. Your resume will never be sent out without us obtaining your consent.

Career Coaching. Want to talk about your career? Looking to make a change or just need some advice? Our career coaching is specific to FM/CRE industry.  Free initial consultation. 

Why return the recruiter’s call?

Maintain visibility and network now for the future.

The best positions are never advertised. Many positions are filled by ‘who you know’ rather than by advertising. You will never know about the best opportunities unless someone knows that you are out there. That means that we need to be able to find you. 

Many clients have us work on confidential searches that we cannot advertise. In addition, when we meet an exceptional candidate, we can call on our clients to see if there is any interest. 

If a recruiter calls, invest a few minutes of time to decide if an opportunity is right for you and if the recruiter is someone you may want to know for the future. Being in a recruiter’s database means you will hear about opportunities and have the choice to pursue or not.

One way to maintain visibility is to get into a headhunter’s database. 

When starting a new assignment, most recruiters will first go through their database to find potential candidates. This is why a recruiter is always building their database.

To get into a recruiter’s database, you want to become visible. 

  • Join trade associations

  • Publish articles in trade magazines or at least your name mentioned

  • Make sure your promotion or new job is announced in local newspapers and trade journals

  • Be visible on the Internet. Develop a professional profile on LinkedIn. The Internet is a great search tool but only if your name is out there

  • Talk with recruiters in your industry

  • Refer someone to a recruiter. We call people who have given us referrals in the past first

Why do recruiter’s ask for referrals?

We present opportunities to people. We don’t expect everyone we contact to be qualified and/or interested in the opportunity but we do hope to help people advance in their careers. We can’t present an opportunity if we don’t know about you or your associates.  

If we contact you and you are not interested in an opportunity, please consider referring a friend or colleague. 

People are hesitant to give referrals. Everyone has had experiences with annoying phone calls and don’t want to the source of a friend’s or associate’s ire and that is why we can assure you that we handle all these calls professionally. By referring someone, you give them the opportunity to potentially advance in their career by introducing them to a recruiter in their field.  


All referrals are handled with discretion.  

What about Job Boards?

Job boards can be a very useful tool for jobseekers and employers alike BUT be wary of posting your resume online. Many companies subscribe to the resume databases and search those databases for potential employees but also, some will put in their own company name to see whose resume comes up.  


It may be your employer looking at your resume.

Why use us for your next search?

As specialists in facility management and corporate real estate, we are better able to understand your needs and help place you in your ideal career. 

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