Because Every Hire Matters


When it comes to hiring an executive search firm, not all firms are created equal. There are a few key factors you should consider if you want to attract the best talent.

Get to the Right Candidate with Pinpoint Accuracy – that’s why you need a specialist

Specialization in facility management and corporate real estate. We understand the required skills, where to find potential candidates and we know how to recruit them. Whether you just need someone to strategically involved in the growth of your company, require skills specific to your facilities or just want someone to take care of maintenance issues, we can find you qualified candidates.


Examples of specific skills needed include:


  • Experience in commissioning and ongoing compliance for BSL3 labs

  • Experience with High Voltage and substations

  • Global experience in FM and CRE

We don’t wait around for the right candidate to notice us. You shouldn’t either. 

Meet the best talent in your market, not the best of who’s applied.

Rudd Executive Search combines the utilization of technology and old school headhunting. Talking with people is still highly effective and gets the attention of those ‘passive’ candidates who normally won’t respond to other methods. We reach out the largest pool of qualified candidates and often can find local talent saving you the costs and risks of relocation.

When to use an agency for your search.

Not Seeing Enough of the Right Candidates? Broaden your reach and expand the candidate pool. Find niche candidates with specific skill set. 

Confidential Search. There are many reasons that you may need to keep a search confidential. Impec Group has filled many confidential searches for clients all over the United States.


Urgent Needs. Our full time job is finding talent within Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management. Have your team spend time where it matters most, not on filtering resumes.

Contract or Permanent Placement Options. We can customize our service to fit your needs.

Large National Search Firm vs. Boutique Specialist

Large national search firms don’t specialize. They sell you on their huge database of contacts but these contacts are in different industries, markets, etc. Often, they don’t have the depth of a boutique firm that specializes in a specific market.

Specialization.  We understand how FM & CRE fits within your company, the work they do and how and where to recruit them.  


Personalized Service. Large firms send out a salesperson and then, turn your search over to a sourcer in their office who may be very good but often is working on many assignments and hasn’t spoken with you so the sourcer doesn’t really know the nuances of the job. 

Rudd Executive Search works full cycle.

You work with one person from start to finish.


Database. Often large national firms like to talk about their database of thousands of candidates and yes, their database is filled with lots and lots of candidate information, but the real question is: Do they have the right candidates for your needs? 

Why use us for your next search?

As specialists in facility management and corporate real estate, we are better able to understand your needs and help you find top tier talent.

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